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Spring Into Reading

Burma Sahib -Paul Theroux

One of my favorite writers, this book is the imagined years in Burma of Eric Blair, who later returned to England and became George Orwell. A rather tortured soul and deeply introspective, Blair/Orwell spent 1922-1927 as a police officer in Burma (now Myanmar). An excellent, if sobering look at the country under British rule. A

Ilium - Lea Carpenter

Enjoyed this book of a collaboration between CIA and Mossad.

Beautiful setting in Cap Ferret. Do all spy-thieves get to live out their days like this? By turns, brutal, heartbreaking, and glamorous it is a page-turner and a fun read. A

Paper Cage - Tom Baragwanath

Authentic cast of New Zealanders populate this tale of missing children, drug addiction, and incompetent parenting. And a police clerk who is determined to find the truth. A

Writer, producer, and director (Legends of the Fall, Glory) , this book is an unflinching description of the logistics and political landmines involved in making movies. He is unstinting in his description of several players and names names for both good and terrible behavior. Also good as an Audible. A

Headshot- Rita Bullwinkel

Profiles of eight teen girls as they participate in a national boxing competition in Reno. How they get there, why they do it, and what happens later. I enjoyed this novel as someone who loves sports and appreciates the work that any athlete puts in to compete. A

First Lie Wins - Ashley Elston

Fun thriller. Grifters, thieves, and some dead bodies, all in a Southern setting. Great for the plane, beach, or pool. A


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