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Old favs and new to me authors.

Natural History by Andrea Barrett

I loved Barrett's Ship Fever which won the National Book Award in 1996. This book of related short stories, again emphasizes her interest in the science of nature. Set in a small community in central NY state, her focus is on the decisions people must make in regard to life, family, interests, and callings. A quietly exquisite writer.


The Hero of This Book by Elizabeth McCracken

Another favorite author for me, her books can be too quirky for some readers, but I delight in them.

This is a memoir of her bold and fearless Mother, this deeply thoughtful reflection of their relationship is compelling and moving though never treacly.


If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery

A debut of related stories mined and fictionalized from the author's family. Born in the US to Jamaican immigrants, he has trouble fitting in to his Miami community. He and his brother forge different paths, he through academics, his brother via construction and music. I found the writing to be uneven, and his character to be whiny much of the time. His brother's story sounds more assertive and sure-footed. Clearly, a talented writer with more to come.



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