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Nonfiction and Metafiction

Beautiful Country by Qian Julie Wang

This is an unflinching memoir of an undocumented Chinese family in NYC. Wang's story is compelling, sobering, and notable for the drive and determination of her entire family. This should be required reading in high schools at the least. Illuminating in this day of immigration battles.


Ferris is not the easiest author to read, and this book is labeled "metafiction" which I still struggle to fully comprehend. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and it would be fantastic for discussion- particularly if you have an English major in your book club!


Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard

This was chosen for my book club and I was enthralled reading about our reluctant 20th President. He has drifted into obscurity due to his brief time in office. The bulk of the story concerns an assassination attempt and the wretched medical care which absolutely caused his death. Excellent lesson highlighting the importance of handwashing and masks... Readers will also recognize the vitriol of politics then, er now. Whatever.



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