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NF, Fiction, Future and a Thriller

The Facemaker by Lindsey Fitzharris

I loved this author's first book about the evolution of surgery. This book tells the story of Dr. Harold Gillies and his groundbreaking work developing reconstructive techniques for faces of soldiers who suffered facial injuries in WW I. These procedures were life-changing and the book does a wonderful job of describing the personal impact of his work.


A twist of fate separates sisters in China at the end of the Chinese Civil War. One ends up on Taiwan, the other is still in China and endures re-education and the perils of the Chinese communist party. Both women lived extraordinary lives, but this book was educational to me in detailing the China/Taiwan split as well.


This is fiction, but gives historical perspective to the past of Chinese women in society both here and in China. Somewhat circuitous, but it all comes together.

His previous book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was wonderful.


Aurora by David Koepp

An astronomical catastrophe causes almost world-wide loss of electricity. The book details the plight of siblings- one who has prepared for just such an occurrence and one who makes their way on practical skills. There are some nefarious elements in play. It is being made into a movie by Kathryn Bigelow, so she liked it too. Sounds dark, but it is full of wry humor.


Confidence by Denise Mina

I am a huge fan of this author. Her plots are complex but well played. Her characters are savvy and droll. Great fun as they pursue a thief/ killer/ con-man.



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