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New month,new books.

The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee

Andrew Haswell Green is the father of NYC. He was the force behind all the great institutions- Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Natural History Museum, NY Public Library, the Bronx Zoo, even the merging of Brooklyn with the city. Green was shot outside his home on Park Ave. at the age of 83. How did this happen and why do so few of us even know who Green is? This is a wonderful story of a great man's life and the secret he kept.


Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau

This highly entertaining book covers a summer in the 1970's when 14 year old Mary Jane takes a babysitting job for a neighborhood family and is by turns horrified, fascinated and thrilled with their bohemian lifestyle. Memories of the 70's will thrill those of us who remember nascent rock bands, the anti-war movement, and the emergence of lifestyles beyond the WASP world.


one two three by Laurie Frankel

Beautifully written story of the Mitchell triplets born after an environmental catastrophe in their small town, their Mother's quest to hold the company responsible for all that the community suffered, and the people who support them. Honest , hilarious, and heartbreaking throughout.


With apologies to my sorority roommate who was disparaged as a Home Ec major- this has given me new insight to this field of study- early on one of the backdoors into STEM careers. I am eternally thankful for my middle school home ec classes for sewing skills and early cooking instruction. I even took the Columbia Gas cooking class as well as the Singer Sewing Machine class.

This is an excellent read for students as well.



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