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Mystery and Mayhem +

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

Starting out with the obvious choice. Who doesn't like Ann Patchett?

If you love Michigan, this will be particularly enjoyable. Lovely story, easy reading , but never shallow in thought.


The East Indian by Brinda Charry

An East Indian boy (from the same region as the setting for The Covenant of Water), who renames himself Tony, goes to London, where he is taken to Jamestown as an indentured servant.

How he and his cohorts navigate the treacheries of that time makes for an illustrative, if painful, description of early America.


The Girl by the Bridge by Arnaldur Indridason

One of several Icelandic murder mysteries I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Along with Scandinavian books of the same genre, they are dark, gritty, and thrilling. The cold climate is rather refreshing, too.


How Can I Help You by Laura Sims

Cat and mouse thriller set in a library.

Delicious, evil fun, but some gruesome scenes. A good Audible choice, if you like to listen.


Stealing by Margaret Verble

Outstanding storytelling by a wonderful writer.

Set in the 1950's, a young girl is sent off to a Christian boarding school for "acting out" and being part Cherokee. More bad behavior in the name of "Christianity".

This would be an excellent read for high schoolers, but it would be banned by MFL. So please read!


Sidle Creek by Jolene McIlwain- A collection of short stories in an Appalachian community. Not all entirely related, but McIlwain portrays unique characters, beautiful geography, and honest emotion. Some tales are tender, others raw. A

The Lie Maker by Linwood Barclay- Solid mystery writing. Story based in Boston, populated with both decent and deceptive characters. Fast paced and fun read or listen. A


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