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Good Gifting

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson

Love him or loathe him, his story, as told by Isaacson, is compelling reading or a fascinating Audible.

I highly recommend. A+

Going Infinite by Michael Lewis

Another divaricating personality. Another compulsively readable story.

Also great as an Audible. My quibble is that Lewis planted his flag on the "not guilty" side at the very end after he had made a clear case for fraud and money laundering. A+

The Hank Show by McKenzie Funk

Absolutely awful title! I almost skipped this book after I had it on my list, but so glad I didn't. This is the story of a drug adled computer whiz who started the field of data mining and sharing. This has led to the complete loss of any privacy you think you have. This is a terrific book. A+

Among the Bros by Max Marshall

I purchased this because I now live in Charleston and thought it might be interesting. It was so much more.

Alarming, disturbing, disappointing, in the sense that this group of college kids are so unfocused that they lose themselves in drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. I grew up in the 60's and 70's so am no stranger to drug use, but this is not for recreation as much as it is to blot out existence.

But the worst part was the family of the boy who was shot, throwing a drug and alcohol fueled wake- with his open casket- at their waterfront estate. Welcome to the Lowcountry.

Another A+

The Art Thief by Michael Finkel

Incredible story of an art thief who ransacked museums and historical sites in Europe and amassed (hoarded) his treasures until he was finally caught. Excellent for a book club to discuss the morality and punishment of the thief, his girlfriend, and his mother. Finkel's other book, The Stranger in the Woods is also a fascinating read. Both of these books were profiled in The New Yorker which is how I found the first one. A

Victory Day by Kenneth Scarlett

A meticulously researched and reported accounting of the defeat of the British in the Southern region in the final year of the American Revolution. Excellent for history buffs.


The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman

I have enjoyed this entire series. Good British humor, strong characters, and a fun story (though there is violence and murder). Fun read. Fun listen.

Sometimes we need to lighten up.


Land of Milk and Honey by C.Pam Zhang

This is an acclaimed author and I read her first book as well. I liked it better. This had promise, but the plot lost me as it wandered off.


Dearborn by Ghassan Zeineddine

A series of short stories. Some funny, some sad, some just a truthful depiction of the immigrant experience and that of subsequent generations.


Mr. Texas by Lawrence Wright

All politics sickens me at this point, but I really like the author of this book, so I took a chance. Glad I did. It is a clear -eyed send up of the machinations of politics. It confirms what you think, but somehow is palatable in this story. A-

Absolution by Alice McDermott

If you lived through the Viet Nam War, you will be interested in this story of the wives who lived there while their husbands supported and ran the effort.

An excellent choice for a book club. A


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