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Consider for yourself.

The story here builds slowly to a crescendo. Don't give up on it.

Very authentic feel to the world of academia, publishing and promotion.

Solid A.

Perhaps I expected too much, but I failed to muster any enthusiasm for the main characters in this story. A sweeping tale of a fearless female pilot, it takes a long time to tell her story and there was nary a note of happiness in anyone's life throughout this epic. In all fairness, it garnered some glowing reviews so look into it yourself.

For me it was a B-

Fast, compelling read by the author of Daisy Jones & The Six. The perfect summer read with a peek at the Malibu/celebrity life. The metaphors are a tad heavy handed, but still an entertaining story.


I picked this up after several friends said they loved the Netflix show based on the first book in this series. They owe me an explanation, or maybe the character, Joe, translates better on film. I could not find a redeeming quality in him or why he was so obsessed with the librarian.

D for dud.


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