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Catch one of these

If you love words, this is the book for you. Dual narratives tell the story of Swansea's Dictionary. The trials of maintaining a comprehensive catalog of words while navigating the trials of life. Eley Williams pens The Liar's Dictionary for those who appreciate the beauty of using just the right word.

I loved Winceworth and cheered wholeheartedly for him. A

The story of Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Antarctic voyage is one of my absolute favorite reads. Icebound by Andrea Pitzer is a close second. This story of Dutch explorer William Barents was new to me. He sailed three times in the late 1500's searching for a northeast passage to Asia. Boaters in particular will enjoy the description of the navigation used on these journeys. When the ship becomes trapped in the ice, the crew's ingenuity and stamina are severely tested. Meticulous research by Pitzer renders a stunningly detailed account A+

Memorial by Bryan Washington has received much praise. I wish I could add to that but it just didn't engage me. Young gay men living together and questioning their committment to each other. Listed as a Notable Book of the Year by several sources, so you may enjoy it. It seemed very ordinary to me. And for that reason, as they say on Shark Tank, "I'm out." B


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