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Books to read indoors.

Horse by Geraldine Brooks

A beautifully written saga spanning generations. Based on the real life thoroughbred, Lexington, Brooks deftly describes the racing business during slavery and brings us forward to present day utilizing an important work of equine art to illustrate mastery, obsession, and loyalty.


The Fervor by Alma Katsu

Metaphorical tale of the Japanese internment camps. A widow, a journalist, and a young girl trying to expose the truth and find their own salvation. Ugly details of the camps and our treatment of fellow citizens.


Vigil Harbor by Julia Glass

A seaside community in the not-too- distant future. Eco-terror is a constant threat, but domestic troubles remain.

Outsiders arrive and fault lines form in this small town. While the personal issues are relatable, the steady rumble of environmental catastrophe provides a disturbing undercurrent.


NSFW by Isabel Kaplan

Sexual and office politics (is there ever one without the other) at a network TV company. How does a novice female negotiate the obstacle course and keep her integrity? Applicable to any work space but the inside look at "network"-ing confirms what you think of LA.


Fellowship Point by Alice Elliott Dark

An honest and intimate portrayal of a lifelong friendship. Set primarily in a family-held Maine compound, Agnes and Polly have lives that diverge and meld over their 80+ years. A highly enjoyable read save for the coincidence at the end, but don't let that stop you.



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