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3 Non-Fiction, 3 Thrillers

Corrections in Ink - Keri Blakinger

A jaw-dropping memoir I found so compelling it was difficult to put down. How do you go from straight- A student and Olympic-bound skater to imprisoned drug dealer? And how do you come back from that? Blakinger is a gifted writer and owns her story- warts and all. She never mines the depths of her tale for pity or admiration. It is a blisteringly honest telling of a tragic time in her life. It is equally compelling in the revelations about the problems with our penal system. Read this book.


I always thought Hopper was a drugged out hippie. He was, but he was also a brilliant photographer and art collector. His marriage to Brooke Hayward in the 60's produced an astonishing contemporary art collection due to his unerring eye and her money. This fascinating account of the tumultuous, explosive Hollywood scene is a zany, wild read. A+

Pig Years -Ellyn Gaydos

Do you eat? Then you should read this account of the author's time working on farms in New England. You will gain a new appreciation for the work that brings farm to the table. It is an unglamorous lifestyle and poorly paid. But Gaydos brings a quiet devotion to the animals and crops, and her fellow workers.


A Secret About a Secret - Peter Spiegelman

Contemporary mystery wrapped in Gothic surroundings. Beautifully paced intrigue, creepy/beautiful setting. So. Good.


The Local - Joey Hartstone

Fun legal thriller based in Eastern Texas. Some stereotypes, but not one-dimensional. Doesn't end until the end.


Pay Dirt Road - Samantha Jayne Allen

Also set in a small town in Texas, this is a gritty local murder mystery. A recent college grad, trying to escape her community is drawn into investigating the disappearance of a waitress. Her personal history aids in her search and discovery. Winner of the Tony Hillerman Prize.



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