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Time to read outside.

Admittedly, I am starting with a predictable choice, but it is hard to ignore a Nobel Prize winning author. Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro brings us Artificial Friend Klara, powered by the sun. She is purchased for a girl with an undefined illness. Klara is an observant if concrete thinker. Is her devotion to the sun a metaphor for faith or just respect for her life source? A great book for discussion and Book Club if you have started back . A-

Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan is set in a seemingly tranquil Long Island neighborhood. Block parties, picnics, parades with wagons and dogs- idyllic, right? Then a sink hole opens up in the street and fault lines are revealed all over the happy community. I loved the way Langan gets behind the facades and reveals the real personalities. Will remind you of any neighborhood you have inhabited. Solid A.

Te-Ping Chen is a journalist with the Wall Street Journal and this short story collection, Land of Big Numbers, is her debut book. A stunning portrayal of the influence of the Chinese government on citizens and emigres. An illuminating read. A.

Elly Griffiths has penned a fun and engaging murder mystery with The Postscript Murders. An unlikely trio- Ukrainian caregiver, former monk- turned-barista, and long retired radio announcer are the only people who are suspicious of a 90 year old's death. Great as an Audible book, beach or travel read. A

Jack Livings received some glowing reviews for The Blizzard Party. Sadly, I fell for them. Overwritten, pretentious story about Upper West Siders in the 1970's. But look at it for yourself, perhaps I judge too harshly. D.

Fascinating story of Medal of Honor recipient Alvin York. The York Patrol by James Carl Nelson relates in scrupulous detail the events in WW I which lead to lionizing Alvin York, additionally, he tells what happened when he returns to his simple life in the Tennessee hills and his fame follows him. A-

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