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Thoughtful reads and easy reads

Lone Stars by Justin Deabler

This multi-generational saga is centered on a Texas family, but it is relevant to all with it's tangled secrets, disappointments, and triumphs. Deabler takes you through a panoply of emotions to an ultimately satisfying end. A-

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia

A timely story of immigration and the choices women ( why is it always the women who carry this burden) make for themselves and their children. The path to a better life is never straight. A

Red Island House by Andrea Lee

This read more like a travelogue of Madagascar. Highly atmospheric with thorough characterizations of the locals. The main character is a Black American woman married to an Italian man and they build the house of the title for vacations. She is confronted with issues of colonialism, having "servants" and toxic masculinity. But the real star is the Madagascar culture. B+

Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

Heiny does an admirable job with her depictions of Northern Michigan and her cast of characters. Truly a slice of Midwestern life , this book is hilarious at times but also, sweet, wry, and thoughtful. A

Raft of Stars by Andrew Graff

Fans of William Kent Kreuger will love this book. Two boys take off into the wild thinking they have committed a serious crime. A tad predictable, but still a pleasant read about finding what and who you love. Stash this in your beach/pool bag. B+


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