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Jess Walter who wrote Beautiful Ruins takes on the early 1900's in the Northwest with its the labor and free speech demonstrations. The cast is divided into workers and the wealthy, but the human story in The Cold Millions will seize you and keep you engaged from start to finish. A

This is a true psychological thriller. No "unreliable narrators". The clues are there but the ending is a splash of cold water. Creepy exhiliration. Dear Child by Romy Hausmann. The author's back story is revealing-read it once you finish the book. A

Author Bea Koch is the owner of a bookstore Ripped Bodice which specializes in romance. Not a genre that appeals to me, but she wrote Mad & Bad about real women from the Regency period to bring attention to their substantial contributions to politics, economy, literature and the arts in a time when they were often relegated to bedroom and parlor. Though the profiles are frustratingly brief, she achieves her goal and encourages deeper investigation into many of these female trailblazers. B+


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