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Stock up for vacay

The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian

A smashing story by Bohjalian. It is relentless with intrigue. Do not read if you are about to go on safari, or maybe do read for survival hints..

His depiction of the Serengeti is spot on.


Trust by Hernan Diaz

The story of a 1920's Wall Street titan told from mutiple perspectives. Captivating view of wealth, greed, ambition and class.


The Bookwoman's Daughter by Kim Michele Richardson

This is a sequel to The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek, which I believe to be the superior book about the Kentucky Packhorse Reading program.

This continues the story of the travails of the "Blue people" and while the women are often abused both physically and psychologically, they are not to be defeated. Not treacly or overly sentimental. These two books are excellent reading for mature middle-schoolers and certainly high-school students.


The Tobacco Wives by Adele Myers

Set in North Carolina in 1946, amidst the cash cow industry of tobacco. Chilling reminders of how tobacco was promoted for health benefits and early inklings of it's dangers. Excellent portrayal of how women were used to fill the factories during the war but cast aside when the men returned. Do not skip the author's notes.


Phil by Alan Shipnuck

You do not need to be a golf nut or even a sports fan to appreciate this unauthorized, but meticulously researched and documented look at a sports legend. A champion in any field is fascinating and Phil is an enigma, a intense and puzzling one. This is a great read and wonderful Audible choice. Just in time for Father's Day too.


The Island by Adrian McKinty

Newly married widower and young wife with his two kids in Australia. A couple of poor decisions and suddenly they are being hunted on a private island by the Australian branch of the Deliverance clan. A true page-turner.



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