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Spring Selections

The Betrayal by Robert Mazur

For fans of Don Winslow, this is by an undercover agent who dealt with the drug trade and lived to tell his story. This book confirms everything you have seen on television. The massive amount of money generated from drugs is now a permanent part of the global economy. Every one is crooked- police, DEA, CIA, bankers. He does not dwell on the violence but he makes his point.


Still Life by Sarah Winman

A serene, elegantly written book about family, love, and the beauty that surrounds us. Set in England and Italy starting in WW II, it covers decades of a group of people supporting each other through life's trials and glories.


Groundskeeping by Lee Cole

A debut novel that relates a new romance between a young couple in grad school in Louisville. The clash of class, culture, and politics is covered in an unhurried pace that I personally found challenging. However, this book has been highly lauded so please make your own decision. Cole does an excellent job in descriptions of people and place.


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