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Settle into Fall with these

I loved this book from Orphan Train author Christina Baker Kline. The Exhiles is a scrupulously researched historical fiction depiction of the fate of women convicted in England and sent to Tasmania for imprisonment. It is a more accessible version of The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes which was a standout non-fiction published in 1986.A+

This is not an easy book to read but it is so skillfully written with such spare prose and haunting imagery that I really must recommend it. Marieke Rijneveld tells the heartbreaking story of a girl raised in an emotionally distant home. You will long to embrace this child. The Discomfort of Evening is a sobering experience. A-

Reminiscent of The Mars Room, in These Women Ivy Pochoda pens a profane but powerful story of women in LA who are marginalized by their circumstances. A


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