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Serious and sober

This book has some fabulous writing and some very disturbing scenes. All families are dysfunctional, but this one is revolting at times. It is on the bestseller list so it is getting eyes on pages. Not a feel good read. B+

I adored this book! Meticulous descriptions of Gussie's trek across post Civil War Florida will have you swatting mosquitos and wishing for shade from the relentless heat and sun. Well paced writing made this hard to put down. A+

The opening of this book put me off and I almost abandon it. So glad I persisted. This is a sobering but highly realistic story with a hopeful ending. It gives tremendous insight to children of abuse and neglect. It also underscores the enormous impact of even the slightest kindness. I strongly endorse this book. A

Ellis's first book of essays was Southern Lady Code which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here is her latest collection- funny and sharp eyed, it is a pleasing counterpoint to the other books this week. A


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