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Read or Listen to These

Riding With Evil by Ken Croke.

This book terrified me. Croke is an ATF agent who went undercover and joined a motorcycle gang in order to collect evidence for federal charges against them. The violence that takes place in these gangs is stunning. But I became truly paranoid when I reaized that the members live and work in our communities. Chilling A+

A Narrow Door by Joanne Harris

Mystery, murder with deep psychological motivations, combined with excellent pacing and characters make this a compelling read. Set in an elite English boarding school sans British humor. A

The Third Pole by Mark Synnott

I have a weird obsession with books on Everest and Antarctica- and I hate the cold- go figure.

This is an outstanding account of a 2019 summit attempt by the author who was actually going to find the remains of Sandy Irvine who, in 1924, climbed Everest with George Mallory. They perished on the mountain and no one knows if they made the summit or not.

2019 was a disastrous year on Everest and Synnott writes of the terror of storms, death, near death, and the abject commercialization of Everest with flowing prose. A

City On Fire by Don Winslow

One of my very favorite authors , Winslow researches his subjects to the smallest detail and it shows. His books are accurate to a fault- they scare me.

This is the first in a trilogy of a crime family in Providence Rhode Island. So easy to read. Highly recommend his drug cartel trilogy as well. A


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