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New & Noteworthy

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Harris

Marketed as a Black experience in publishing with some vibes from Get Out the movie, I found this to be a pitch perfect description of the universal situation of being the hot new employee only to have a new, covertly ambitious, associate arrive in the workspace. I did learn more about Black hair, but honestly, is anyone happy with their hair?


Outlawed by Anna North

This was a highly engaging read. Somber,serious but so skillfully written that it is never discomfiting. Barren young brides are labeled witches and hanged in Western towns, so some escape and form a secret gang living only by robbery in a hidden enclave.


The Guncle by Steven Rowley

Imagine Will Truman (from Will & grace) lives in Palm Springs and is suddenly in charge of his young niece and nephew for the summer.

Rowley is a hilarious observer of society, culture, gay life and Hollywood's place in it all. This laugh out loud story is actually about love, family and grief with tender moments that are honest and deeply felt but never morbid.



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