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March-ing On

Pineapple Street - Jenny Jackson

All families, even the jaunty wealthy, have dysfunctional moments. This story of an old-money Brooklyn clan could be set in any locale. Jackson writes with alacrity and humor without rancor.

I strongly recommend the Audible version which is narrated by Marin Ireland. She gives each character depth of personality. Some passages made me laugh very loud!


Untold Power - Rebecca Boggs Roberts

Non-fiction, this is the story of First Lady Edith Wilson and how she covertly ran the country when her husband was incapacitated by a stroke.

The author has taken up the mantle of her mother, Cokie Roberts, and writes in a similar style. The machinations, deceit, and malfeasance of politics never ceases to amaze.


West With Giraffes - Lynda Rutledge

A cross-country delivery of two giraffes gives a young boy in 1938 a chance to experience all that is good-and bad- about people. I would have pared down some passages, but a nice read.

Always sobering to be reminded of the Depression.


Brutes - Dizz Tate

A coterie of 13 year old girls in a Florida community. One goes missing. Did she run away or is there foul play involved.

This gang is forced to critically evaluate their territory, its residents and their own values. Fodder for Book Clubs.


1942 and an American woman is a secret agent and sniper. Great spy fun with strong female characters. Lots of twists in this tale so pay attention.


Bloody Martini - William Kotzwinkle

I admit, the word "martini" in the title attracted my attention, and then the "Felonious Monk". Tommy Martini is a Benedictine monk, but he rights wrongs in a decidedly irreverent manner. Escapist fare.

And a Bloody Martini is a real drink- I tried it for research purposes. You're welcome.



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