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Loved these!

Dilettante by Dana Brown

The backstory to the Graydon Carter empire that was Vanity Fair magazine. The rise of Dana Brown at VF as assistant to Carter in the heyday of journalism. As with the other splashy products of Conde Nast at the time, expenses were out of control, hence the financial crash of periodicals. Similar story to Ruth Reichl's memoir of Gourmet magazine, Save Me the Plums.

This is a gossipy, entertaining read I devoured. Enjoy!


Diamonds and Deadlines by Betsy Prioleau

The true story of Mrs. Frank Leslie and how she commanded the publishing industry in the Guilded Age. Again, the excessive spending, and changes in consumer tastes lead to fortunes made and lost. The real story here is how a girl from a lowly, dare we say tawdry, background became the grand dame of business and society. She left her fortune to Women's Suffrage. Hooray!


Tell Me Everything by Erika Krouse

In 2002, Krouse was hired as a PI to help with a case against the University of Colorado regarding rape allegations at a party for football recruits. The details of the college football culture there and at some other schools will enrage you. A revealing and cautionary tale.


This story about the German Resistance is so compelling, I had trouble putting it down. This group of young men and women defied the Nazis with remarkable resourcefulness. When captured, their courage and devotion to humanity is humbling.

This is a must read book.



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