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Hot reads for hot days

The Latecomer by Jean Korelitz

The author of The Plot has gifted us a knotty family epic. The Oppenheimer triplets and their much delayed sister- all from IVF, have a deeply complicated relationship. Excellent characters and a believeable and satisfying ending.


Now that Women's rights are being wholly undone, it is good to remind ourselves and our offspring, how hard women had to fight to obtain any sense of equality in the workplace. Admittedly, I have not shown enough respect to the first generation of stewardesses who absolutely lead the way for women.


Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley

Angst-y Millenial reviews all of her past choices as she is confronted by former partners and colleagues. This has been well-reviewed but was not my cup of tea as I am a make a decision and move on type of person.


A delicious short story collection with a blend of pathos, humor, loss, and, anger. Engaging reading.


Metropolis by B.A. Shapiro

Intriguing mystery/suspense story originating with a cast of characters who lease space in a Boston storage facility. Loved all of it save one story line, but will let you judge for yourself.


The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan

Who can you trust? Surely your own lawyer. The author does a fine job of presenting the legal complexities of this case of a daughter seeking the truth by whatever means necessary.


Nobody Gets Out Alive by Leigh Newman

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories all based on women in Alaska. While the extreme nature of that climate influences the stories, the characters and their situations are universal and compelling.



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