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Great books!

I did not know much about Tammy Duckworth, but love a good story and she clearly had one. I strongly recommend this as an Audible selection as the author's voice is so compelling. There is not a modicum of pity in her voice- she is a true patriot and warrior. This is not a political book. It is remarkable and inspirational. A++

The writing in this book was lovely. So lovely that I was able to enjoy the book inspite of the melancholy subject. A woman starts raising chickens in the aftermath of a miscarriage. A brood of chickens, a brood on loss, a brood on nature- you get it. A nice counterpoint to happy-ever-after stories without being depressing. A

brood by Jackie Polzin

For fans of thrillers, this is a fast paced, propulsive read. A family dies on vacation in Mexico. By accident? How does it relate to their son who is incarcerated? The lone surviving son is trying to find out. A

This book is widely acclaimed. I confess I liked but did not love it. Seemed to drag a bit. But the story of an African village environmentally ravaged by an American oil company resonates. The author does not portray the villagers as entirely blameless, nor the government who feeds off the oil money. A for writing. B- for editing.


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