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For you or gift a friend

The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles

Quite different from his previous books, both of which I loved, this follows a boy fresh from juvenile detention, and his younger brother as they travel helter skelter to NYC. The story goes from madcap to heartbreaking to infuriating, but never loses momentum.


The Neighbor's Secret by L. Allison Heller

A great read for travel or just some down time in this busy season. Think Desperate Housewives. Heller nails her characterizations of families in an upscale neighborhood and the book club group is oh so funny! I did like that they always had a "signature cocktail" for their gatherinngs.


Going There by Katie Couric

Couric's tell all- and she is brutally honest- is great as an Audible selection as she narrates her own book. The woman is smart with a diligent, bordering on aggressive work ethic. My kind of gal.


Fuzz by Mary Roach

This is the first book I have read by Roach but it will not be the last. Her sense of humor made me cackle openly- somewhat embarrassing in public places. This book chronicles animals gone wrong and how human efforts to control them often makes matters worse. Not a tree-hugger book, just the facts as she has thoroughly researched them.



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