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Fall Into One of These

This book was optioned for a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts before it ever hit the shelves, so it has generated interest. Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam tells an unsettling story of a family on holiday on Long Island when the landlord of their rental appears at the door with news of a vague but disaterous event along the East coast. Loss of electricity, internet, TV and telephone creates a creepy scenario that is entirely plausible.A-

The Deepest South of All:True Stories from Natchez Mississippi is a factual, often humorous collection of related stories about Natchez-a quintessential Southern town. Richard Grant became part of the community and gives us an unvarnished description of a town that is making efforts to move on from it's harsh past. This won't be easy .A+

Treasure Island and Sherlock Holmes seemingly come together in this epic tale on the high seas in 1634. Stuart Turton spins fantastically vivid scenes of life on an Indiaman vessel. Almost 500 pages, but so engaging you won't notice. I am giving The Devil and the Dark Water an A.


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