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Engaging Reads

This is a funny and speedy frolic of a book. Finlay is accidentally hired as a hitman when a conversation with her book agent is overheard in Panera. This would make a really humorous movie. A-

How to Kidnap the Rich by Rahul Raina

The Varsity Blues scandal is old news in India. This fast-paced novel of modern India savages the upper classes and their abuse of privilege.

A wild ride of a story. A

Thief of Souls by Brian Klingborg

Klingborg studied Chinese Anthropology and parts of this book feel somewhat didactic, but I loved the depictionof life in small town China and learned more about the country in this murder mystery. Inspector Lu Fei is intent on finding the killer of a young woman even when his superiors will sacrifice a poor local man for an expedient solution. A-

Dead of Winter by Stephen Mack Jones

August Snow is a former cop dedicated to his Detroit roots. Here he becomes involved with drug cartels and ruthless developers with their sights on Mexicantown. This is the third book with Snow- gritty violence with some cultural humor and sex. Good escapist fare. B+

We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange

Story of a big Irish family in small town New York. Secrets come out and someone has to pay the price. There is a good twist to the end but Lange does not tie all the ends together which is refreshing. For me this is Ask Again,Yes-light because I absolutely adore that book. B+

Palm Beach by Mary Adkins

Rebecca is a journalist who covers "inequality", but when a health crisis overwhelms her she is quick to take advantage of the "dirty money" of the ultra rich. This is a moral tale which is an easy read but raises some very piercing questions. B+

Sidecountry by John Branch

You do not have to be a sports fan to thoroughly enjoy this collection by Branch, a writer for the New York Times. Life, death, struggle, defeat, victory- these are back stories focused on people involved to varying degrees in sports. Fascinating and infuriating at times but a great read. A

The Ugly Cry by Danielle Henderson

This memoir from TV writer and former editor Henderson is the inspiring story of a girl abandoned by her mother to be raised by her grandparents. But the star here is the foul-mouthed, no-nonsense, ever practical, chain smoking grandmother.



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