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Early Summer Choices

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

The story of Elizabeth Zott- smart and attractive in the 1960's. Three guesses how she is treated in the workplace. Parts are infuriating as she is dismissed by her fellow researchers, but ultimately this is a triumphant book. My only quibble is that her 4 year old daughter is implausibly astute and sagacious. Soon to be a series on Appletv starring Brie Larson.


The Family Chao by Lan Samantha Chang

A play off The Brothers Karamazov, this contemporary drama revolves around a family restaurant. There are moments of humor, but mainly dramatic scenes of love, betrayal and family mystery. A good read.


Cover Story by Susan Rigetti

Very similar to the Anna Delvey story, but with a twist. A fast, beachy read with some insights to working at a fashion magazine and the mechanics of ripping off high end hotels. The ending is fun.

B+ ( only because it is not an original idea)

Ocean State by Stewart O'Nan

Well written work about a murder in a Rhode Island town by a high school girl. It is not a mystery, rather a psychological dissection of how love, anxiety and passion can drive behavior. The four narrative voices are fully developed.


Very Cold People by Sarah Manguso

Coming of age novel set in a dreary Massachusetts town. What isn't talked about is usually the most damaging. While well written, and not hopeless, it is a tad bleak.



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