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Crime Spree

Someone is acting out eight murders from a list posted on a bookseller's blog. Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson takes place in and around Boston. Multiple plot twists will keep you enthralled and the references to great old crime novels will have you rummaging your shelves to reread them.

Alice Vega is a fearless private investigator who takes on a case of two Jane Does found dead in Southern California. This complex plot of human trafficking reminded me of Don Winslow, one of my favorite authors. (See below.) The Janes by Louisa Luna is the second novel with Varga and I hope there are more to come.

Winslow's trilogy of the Mexican drug cartels is a masterpiece. I strongly recommend it. If three is too much for you just read The Cartel which is the second of the three. Broken is a collection of short novellas/stories and each is a satisfying read.

I enjoyed Christopher Bollen's book The Destroyers so was happy to take on another crime set in a different locale. A Beautiful Crime takes place in Venice, among the art loving residents. A grifter plan that could so easily go wrong...


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