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Books for all

Age of Vice - Deepti Kapoor

This book consumed me. I could not stop reading it. Such propulsive writing. Slows a tad in the second half, but a thrill ride of a crime family story.

A true-to-life debut novel depicting an Indian organized crime family.


Everybody Knows-Jordan Harper

Another compelling read. Dark picture of the culture of Hollywood and the shady dealings of publicists to cover up behavior that ranges from bad to criminal. Written by a Hollywood insider, this story is both abhorrent and shocking. But after the past few years of #metoo, catch and kill, Harvey W. and DJT, does anything truly shock us?


Knives Out goes to an Australian ski resort. In a blizzard. For a family reunion.

Funny, sharply written whodunnit.

Audible is for those who can pay attention, not for a casual listen.

A fun romp in spite of all the dead bodies.


Sam - Allegra Goodman

I will read anything Allegra Goodman writes. The Cookbook Collector is a huge favorite of mine. This book is a poignant look at Sam as she grows up in a challenging, but not desperate family in Massachusetts.


Margot- Wendell Steavenson

This is a darker version of Lessons In Chemistry. Margot is passionate about science at Radcliffe College in the 60's. She is navigating academics, social upheaval, and the sexual revolution.

A superb book for discussion, in large part due to the ending.


This Other Eden- Paul Harding

A novel based on an actual community on the coast of Maine. Perhaps the first integrated town in America.

The story is painful- it was the age of eugenics and widespread intolerance. But Harding's writing is lyrical and the Audible as narrated by the mellifluous Edoardo Ballerini is entrancing.


The Survivalists- Kashana Cauley. Did not wow me as it did some reviewers. (NYTBR) 6/10

Maame- Jessica George. Very good. British. Audible is flat. Read this one. 7/10


Rikers: An Oral History-Graham Rayman & Reuben Blau. Highly recommend! 9/10


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