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  • Becky Bechhold

A thoughtful trio

These books are a tad melancholy as all deal with the loss of a parent as a child, but they are beautifully written and promote contemplation and discussion.

Miracle Country by Kendra Atleework is a stunning work combining an environmental history of California with the complicated story of her family. Her writing is brutally honest with whiffs of humor. Solid A.

The story of an older couple retiring to North Carolina and looking back over their lives is the basis of Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorkle. This is definitely a melancholy read, but the writing is lovely. B+

I truly enjoyed this debut novel from Chelsea Bieker. Godshot is set in the arid Central Valley of California and follows poor Lacey May and her coming of age after her Mother runs off leaving Lacey with her curmudgeon grandmother and the slimy pastor of a questionable church. It sounds unappealing but Bieker finds moments of levity and hope. A.

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