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A++ reads for cooler weather.

by Anderson Cooper

As you would expect of Anderson Cooper, this is a well researched and beautifully written history of the Vanderbilts. Engaging as a history of wasted wealth and a cautionary tale- yes you can fritter away that much money on lavish lifestyle.


Matrix by Lauren Groff

During the reign of Eleanor of Aquitane in the early 1100's in France, she casts a young girl out of the royal court and sends her to run an impoverished abbey in England. This book was so enthralling, I couldn't wait to get back to it. Groff is a gifted writer and this is on my must read list of recommendations.


by Matthew Pearl

The story starts with the kidnapping of Jemima- Daniel's daughter, and two other girls. Then Pearl puts the pieces in place of the Revolutionary War and the role of the British, American Indians, and colonists in the Ohio and Kentucky regions. It all comes together in the final chapters and illustrates how complicated the relationships were among all of those groups. The strength and tenacity of the settlers continues to astonish me.



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